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Ten Steps to Buying a New Home

1. Have an understanding of your budget Before you commence with property viewings it´s essential to have an understanding of the available capital you have to purchase a property. So applying for an "Agreement in Principle" would enable the mortgage lender to ascertain your budget and how much they´ll be willing to lend.

2. Finding a first home Once you have an idea of the area and type of property you envisage living in, you can then start looking for available listings on estates agents such as (if looking in the North West London area).

3. Before putting in an offer Make sure you conduct your own due diligence about the property, from price comparables in the same area of available listings and the ones that´s recently been sold. You can check the governments HM Land Registry for these details.

4. Making an offer Once you´ve completed the viewings, short listed your property, it´s now time to make an offer that you think is fair and confident of sealing the deal. As a recommendation, once the seller has agreed to the price, you should request for the property to be taken off the market.

5. Securing the sale You´ll need a solicitor to take care of the legal aspects of the sale. Make sure you go for someone that has considerable experience in the field. Recommendations from family, friends, relatives... is also a viable solution.

6. Getting a survey Assigning a surveyor is paramount to discover any structural damage or problems with the property. You´ll not get any compensation if you find any faults after the sale.

7. Preparing to be patient Patient is a virtue in life! this is no different to waiting for a property to close. On average it´ll will probably take three months to get all documents in order. Try and stay in regular contact with your solicitor.

8. Exchange Contracts are usually exchanged by both solicitors and conveyancers acting on behalf of the buyer and seller. This involves agreeing on the terms, signing the contract and in some cases putting down a deposit.

9. Completion During the completion process, your solicitor will agree on a completion date between the buyer and seller. All monies will also change hands and you are able to pick up the keys to your new place.

10. Move in After all this has done, it´s now time to move into your new home and start a new chapter in your life! Your solicitor should register your title to the property and submit a stamp duty return.